The Wordlife Church (where the word of God gives life) is a Bible believing and spirit filled thriving Church. The beginning of this ministry is a fulfillment of a vision which the Lord revealed to His servant, Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Apeaning in October 1987. In that vision he saw himself preaching to 10,000 souls in a church service and preaching in a stadium of 100,000 people, bidding them to follow Christ. He has served the Lord faithfully for over 25 years as a leader of various Christian fellowships and has been involved in Pastorial Ministry for over twelve years.

The Beginning of the Ministry

In October 2008, the Lord fulfilled his vision by leading Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Apeaning to start the Wordlife church. By divine instruction, the church started in Middle East, Ashaiman. In obedience to the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to the world, the church currently has over 19 branches, spreading the gospel across the nations.

The Mandate

The Lord commissioned him to:
1.To Lift His word above every doctrine.
2.To build a strong Christian foundation on the teachings of Christ.
3.Raise disciples who will show the life of Christ by example.
4.To raise transformational leaders to bring a total change (Spiritually and materially)in every Life they encounter

The Mission

At Wordlife Church, we work to provide salvation to persons through preaching and teaching of the gospel, lay sound Christian foundation and make fruitful disciples and witnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Vision

Transforming thousands of lives through the power of the Gospel by bringing salvation to at least one person in every home in our city and persons across the nations.